Website Terms & Conditions

Website Terms & Conditions

This website is designed to provide you with information on our brand, products and company. We hope you enjoy visiting our site and find the content useful and informative. While we try to make sure all content is up to date and correct, unfortunately we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the material on this website, or that it is up to date.

As a user of this website you are bound by these terms and conditions. You should therefore read and understand them. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions you are not authorised to use or access this website and must exit now.

You may not reproduce, copy, adapt, show in a public forum, distribute or transmit anything contained on this website without our prior permission, in writing. All brands, trademarks, logos, characters and/or Intellectual Property displayed on this website are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved

To the fullest extent permitted by law we shall be not liable for any damages, costs, losses or liabilities (of any description whatsoever) arising out of your use of or access to this website. Everything on this website is provided to you on a strictly *as is * basis and accordingly we do not and cannot warrant the accuracy, suitability or completeness of this website or anything contained in this website or that anything in this website fits any particular purpose. In addition, we do not warrant that your use of or access to this website will be uninterrupted or without error, that any defect will be corrected, or that this website is free of viruses or other harmful matters.

You acknowledge and agree that all information you communicate to us via this website (including any remark, suggestion, idea, graphics, etc.) is non-confidential and non-proprietary, and becomes and will remain our exclusive property with unrestricted rights to use it, without payment to you or anyone else. Therefore, we are free to edit, copy, disclose, distribute, incorporate and otherwise use the communications and all data, images, sounds, text and other material for any purpose whatsoever. You agree to indemnify Steggles in relation to its use of such communications.

Furthermore, you agree to indemnify Steggles against damages, costs, claims. losses or liabilities (of any description whatsoever) which we may incur to a third party or you as a result of your breach of these terms and conditions.

We may at any time vary and amend these terms and conditions. It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the then current terms and conditions each time you visit this website. You also agree that a failure or neglect by us to enforce at any time any of the provisions of these terms and conditions is not and shall not be construed or deemed to be a waiver of our rights. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of New South Wales, Australia.

For the purposes of this website the word "we" and/or the word "Steggles" means any one of or more than one of Steggles Pty Limited, its related bodies corporate (or associated companies), or any other party involved in creating producing, or delivering this website, and the word "us" and "our" has a corresponding meaning. "Intellectual Property" means all intellectual property rights in any inventions, designs, trade marks, trade names, business names, domain names, logos, confidential information, matter, materials or works accessible on or via this website,

All Steggles chickens are raised in large barns, and free of any added hormones.
Steggles May 23, 2018
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