Steggles Charity Nest

Steggles Charity Nest

August is Charity Month at Steggles, and for every Steggles Family Roast sold this month we will donate 30c to the Steggles Charity Nest.

We're Stegglers for children's charities.

Our Story

Steggles Charity Nest was originally known as the Baiada Charity Nest and was established in the early 2000s by the members of the Baiada family, leadership team and staff. This is where our story started.

We have been actively involved in the local community with a focus on children's charities. Under the umbrella of the Steggles Charity Nest, we continually aim to raise funds and drive awareness for our charities Australia wide.

Our staff take a genuine interest in our charity program by means of salary contribution and volunteering at our charity's fundraising events. We believe that this passion sets us apart.

So far, over $6.5m has been raised by our charity initiatives.


Steggles Roosters Charity Nest
Jackson School
Westpac Rescue Helicopter
Ronald McDonald House
Riding for the Disabled
Cerebral Palsy Support Group Griffith
Children's Cancer Institute
Griffith Base Hospital Children’s Ward
Ronald McDonald House Charities

Steggles Roosters Charity Nest

Steggles Roosters Charity Nest

The Steggles Roosters Charity Nest was born in 2010 as part of our sponsorship agreement with the Sydney Roosters.

It is much more than a fundraising initiative, but an opportunity for Steggles staff, Roosters players and fans to show their support for the wider community.

How our association with the Roosters helps the Charity Nest.

For every margin point the Roosters win by, Steggles donates $1000 and the Roosters donate $250 to the Steggles Roosters Charity Nest. The Steggles Roosters Charity Nest supports Lifestart, Children's Hospital Foundation Queensland, Children's Cancer Institute Australia and the Roosters Outreach program.

Since 2010, the Steggles Roosters Charity Nest has raised over $2.6 million for Australian children's charities.

In addition to fundraising efforts at the games, Steggles and Roosters staff conduct various initiatives to help raise further funds. But it's not just all about the donations, some of the most heartfelt experiences have been taking the Roosters players to visit our charities and seeing the children's faces light up, as well as the excitement of school kids after the players have visited local schools in our community.

Be sure to look out for the 50-50 team at every home game to help support children's charities. Out of the total pool 50% goes to the winner and 50% is donated to the Steggles Roosters Charity Nest. You have the chance to win big and you're also helping raise much-needed funds for our children's charities

Children’s Hospital Foundation


Children’s Cancer Institute

All Steggles chickens are raised in large barns, and free of any added hormones.
Steggles May 23, 2018
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