• 4
  • 5
    Min Prep
  • 25
    Min Cooking
Steggles Family Roast Parmi Chicken


1kg sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into even sized pieces

1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil

2 teaspoons sea salt flakes

1 teaspoon chilli flakes (optional)

10 thyme sprigs, leaves picked

1/2 cup pine nuts

80g baby rocket

Balsamic glaze, to drizzle


  1. Preheat oven to 220°C. Grease and line 2 baking trays.
  2. Place the olive oil, salt and chilli flakes (if using) and thyme into a large bowl. Stir to combine.
  3. Add the sweet potatoes to the olive oil mixture and mix well to evenly coat.
  4. Place the sweet potatoes onto one of the prepared trays and spread evenly into one layer. Cook for 25 minutes, turning sweet potatoes half way. Remove the sweet potatoes from the oven once crispy and golden.
  5. In the last 5 minutes of sweet potatoes cook time, spread pine nuts onto the second prepared tray and place into oven. Stir every few minutes until golden. Remove and set aside to cool.
  6. Place the sweet potatoes and rocket onto a platter, gently toss to combine.
  7. Top with the toasted pine nuts. Drizzle the balsamic glaze on top.
  8. Serve warm as a side to Family Roast Chicken Parmi Whole Bird.

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