Tropical Chicken Burgers

Cooking: as per instructions on pack

Serves: 1

With pineapple and creamy coleslaw, these Tropical Chicken Burgers are a fun twist on the traditional burger and make a popular choice for school lunches.  Most of the prep for these burgers can be done while the Steggles Crumbed Chicken Burgers are cooking; making this is a simple and quick lunch option to put together - especially if you are preparing food for a large group of children.

Ingredients for a single serve

  • 1 Steggles Crumbed Chicken Burger
  • 1 medium sized bread roll
  • 1/3 cup of pre-mixed coleslaw
  • 1 pineapple rings
  • 1 slices of cheese
  • mayonnaise to taste


  1. Cook the Steggles Crumbed Chicken Burgers as per on pack instructions.
  2. Slice the bread rolls in half and place coleslaw on the bottom of each roll and top with a tablespoon of mayonnaise. Place a cooked Crumbed Chicken Burger on top of it before adding a slice each of pineapple and cheese. Finish by putting the bread roll back on.


  1. Instead of pre-packaged coleslaw you can make your own by thinly slicing 1/2 a red and green cabbage, grating three small carrots and finely dicing 3 spring onions.
  2. You can also use iceberg lettuce or mixed lettuce leaves if coleslaw is not available.
  3. Wholemeal rolls were used to make these Tropical Chicken Burgers, however you can use any type of bread rolls.
  4. Place the pineapple rings onto a piece of paper towel to remove any excess juice before adding to the Tropical Chicken Burgers to help prevent the Crumbed Chicken Burger from going soggy.

Recipe created by Lauren

Lauren is the creator of the blog Create Bake Make where she shares simple delicious and most importantly easy recipes that the kids can help make and the entire family will enjoy.

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All Steggles chickens are raised in large barns, and free of any added hormones.
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