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Steggles Products

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Fully cooked lightly marinated chicken breast in a crispy tempura coating.

A lightly seasoned blend of chicken meat and spices, fully cooked and coated in a crunchy potato crumb.

Bite size pieces of chicken breast in a dinosaur shape, coated in a crisp tempura coating.

Lightly marinated chicken breast meat fingers coated in a crunchy potato crumb.

Perfect for a fresh twist on stir fry. 99% fat free. High in protein. Marinated for tenderness.

Turkey mince, perfect for a fresh twist on pasta. High in protein.

Seasoned with parsley, thyme & garlic. High in protein

Simply rub with sea salt & olive oil. 97% fat free. High in protein

All Steggles chickens are raised in large barns, grain fed and 100% free of any added hormones and steroids
Steggles Oct 14, 2015