Our story

Since 1919, we’ve been producing Australia’s finest poultry products.
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From past to present

It all started with George Steggles and his three sons—Jack, George and Stan. Together, their dream was to offer Australians quality poultry under a brand that reflected their steadfast family values.

The Steggles family were always ‘Stegglers’ for going the extra mile. Back in the day when there was a greater demand for chickens around Christmas and Easter, they would jump on their pushbikes to make deliveries around Newcastle. Today, we proudly carry this legacy forward.

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Steggler [pr. stegg-ler]

A person who works with Steggles who insists on high standards

Usually followed by for: A steggler for nutrition. A steggler for comfort.
Most common usage: A steggler for quality

You’ve heard of ‘sticklers’. At Steggles, we like to refer to ourselves as ‘Stegglers’. A Steggler is committed to delivering nothing short of the best. Over time, we have grown into a brand recognised by consumers around the country for our high standards and continuous innovation.

We’re proud to provide Australian families with a selection of delicious chicken and turkey products every day.

Quality care and practices

For over 100 years, quality always has been—and always will be—at the forefront of everything we do.

Our aim is to produce the best of Australian poultry without any compromises or shortcuts.

As one of the largest chicken meat producers in Australia, we pride ourselves on our advanced farming and breeding programs, high standards of animal welfare, and processing technology.

We insist on feeding our chickens a balanced diet, which is developed by nutritionists. It consists of wheat, sorghum, barley and protein meals like soybean meal. Legumes, canola and other oilseeds may also be used.

We understand that one important factor when raising chickens is maintaining their body temperature. For this reason, the majority of our poultry farms use tunnel-ventilated poultry houses with large fans to bring fresh air into the shed. Most farms utilise high-tech temperature sensors which monitor the air temperature and adjust it to be warmer or cooler, depending on the chickens' requirements, which often depend on their age and ambient weather conditions.

You won’t find any cages on our farms, or on any meat chicken farms in Australia for that matter. All Steggles chickens are also free of any added hormones or steroids.

The criteria for selecting a Steggles farm is as follows:

  1. Proven experience in growing quality barn raised chicken - this is assessed by means including quality audits and future planning.
  2. Attaining the following accreditations and standards of practice:
    • Quality Management Farming to SQF Standard
    • Facility requirements set by Steggles parent company, Baiada Poultry.
  3. The implementation of ISO 14001: Environmental Management Systems Standards for some company owned sites.


Steggles products have the below accreditations.

Safe Quality Food (SQF) Accreditation

SQF is an independent certification that a supplier's food safety and quality management system complies with international and domestic food safety regulations

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Accreditation 

HACCP is a recognised endorsement of food safety excellence.

Australian Federation of Islamic Council (AFIC) Halal Accreditation

AFIC Halal accreditation is an independent certification which recognises the majority of Steggles products and processing plants comply with the standards and requirements set by Australian Federation of Islamic Council.  For a full list of halal accredited products please click here.