All the Latest News from Steggles

All the Latest News from Steggles

More Aussies Talking Turkey

One in four Australians eat  turkey once a month – emerging as a new meal choice

Australians are including a new protein on the menu and increasingly embracing turkey products, according to Newspoll research* commissioned by Australia’s leading poultry brand Steggles.

Turkey is becoming a regular protein staple in the family home, with one in every four grocery buyers eating turkey at least once a month. More than half of turkey consumed is made up of fresh turkey cuts including turkey mince, sliced turkey and pre prepared turkey products with marinades.

Statistics showed that grocery buyers are 25 percent more likely to consume turkey at least once a month compared to non-grocery buyers. The healthy aspect of turkey meat being embraced too, with two out of three saying Steggles turkey products promote healthy family living.

In the past six months, turkey consumption has increased by three percent and with a new range launching now, Steggles expects this figure to continue to rise.

“We would like to see turkey on the family menu every week as people become more familiar with its flavour and versatility,” said Steggles Senior Brand Manager Laurel Brown.

“Turkey has such a broad appeal for so many people, from families to health conscious individuals. It has numerous health and nutritional benefits, is tasty and is easy-to-use within your favourite recipes.

“More than half of the consumption is fresh cuts of turkey, which reinforces our move to create convenient, easy-to-prepare products. We’re pleased to see Australians embracing turkey not only for its taste and nutritional profile, but as a quick, no fuss dinner solution.”

Steggles continues to deliver new products to the range throughout the year. This winter, Turkey Shanks make a return to the fresh meat section offering Australians an easy alternative to a classic Sunday roast. These products complement Steggles’ Turkey Shortcuts range which includes mince and breast steaks.

Steggles is also set to introduce a new frozen range offering an alternative and convenient way to factor turkey into weekly meal plans. The new freezer range includes Mini Turkey Kievs with Apricot and Ginger, Turkey Nuggets, Turkey Breast Kievs with Lime and Pepper, and Turkey Roasted Breast.

The Steggles Turkey Shortcuts range and other turkey products are available from Coles nationwide.

* Conducted nationally in March 2013 among 1,217 respondents aged 18-64 years, including 1,031 grocery buyers.

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About Steggles
Launched in 1919, Steggles is an iconic Australian brand and one of the most progressive in the poultry industry. Steggles is renowned for quality and innovation. All Steggles chickens are raised in large barns, grain fed and 100% free from any added hormones or steroids. Steggles employs 4000 Australians and has a proud reputation for upholding traditional, family values. Steggles is also actively committed to supporting a number of Australian children's charities including Children's Cancer Institute Australia, Lifestart, Royal Children's Hospital Brisbane and Save Our Sons.

All Steggles chickens are raised in large barns, and free of any added hormones.
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