Steggles Quality Farms

Steggles Quality Farms

There are over 200 chicken farms across Australia at which Steggles Chickens are grown.

A careful selection process determines whether a farm has the competency and sustainability to grow Steggles Chicken. The criteria when selecting a Steggles Chicken Farm addresses the following:

  1. Proven experience in growing quality barn raised chicken - this is assessed by means including quality audits and future planning.
  2. Attaining the following accreditations and standards of practice
    • Quality Management Farming to SQF Standard
    • Facility requirements set by Steggles parent company, Baiada Poultry
  3. The implementation of ISO 14001: Environmental Management Systems Standards for some company owned sites.
  4. Facility standards set by the Australian government.

You will find NO CAGES on a Steggles Chicken Farm or for that matter, on any meat chicken farm in Australia. Steggles chickens are raised in large barns, each housing on average 30 - 40,000 chickens.

A misconception of the poultry industry in Australia relates to the issue of hormones and steroids. All Steggles chickens are FREE OF ANY ADDED HORMONES OR STEROIDS.

Steggles Chickens are fed a well balanced diet, primarily comprising of Australian grown grain. Our dedicated nutritionist provides daily assessments and continually makes improvements when the opportunity arises.

We understand that one important factor when raising chickens is maintaining their body temperature. For this reason, the majority of our poultry farms use tunnel-ventilated poultry houses with large fans to bring fresh air into the shed. Most farms utilise high-tech temperature sensors which monitor the air temperature and adjust it to be warmer or cooler, depending on the chickens' requirements, which often depend on their age and ambient weather conditions.


At Steggles, we are committed to ensuring our products and services are provided in a manner that will protect, maintain and enhance our environment. Some of our recent environmental management initiatives undertaken include:

  1. The implementation of ISO 14001: Environmental Management Systems for major company owned sites.
  2. Extensive reuse and recycling programs implemented across major production sites, including two state-of-the-art Protein Recovery Plants which enable us to render by-products into pet food and tallow, eliminating the need to send such material to landfill.
  3. Continual landscaping and tree planting to enhance our environment in and around our sites.
  4. Energy and water auditing and use of reduction programs to determine ways of improving our sustainability while reducing our carbon footprint.
  5. Participating in both compulsory and voluntary government programs such as the Australian Packaging Covenant. This program is designed to minimise the environmental impacts arising from the use of packaging and the disposal of used packaging, aiming to conserve resources and facilitate the re-use and recycling of used packaging materials.

In addition, some of our future projects will include the implementation of the above initiatives across most of the smaller company managed sites

Quality Management System

At Steggles, our aim is to produce the best of Australian chicken. No compromise. No shortcuts. That is why we are committed to developing and maintaining our business to ensure the quality of our products is always at the highest standards. Our proactive approach to improvement in quality has seen the implementation of many quality driven initiatives.

Some these ongoing initiatives are:

  1. The implementation of a quality system which covers areas such as control of the processes, purchasing, training, product control, product traceability and improvements to our internal processes.
  2. The implementation of HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points) food safety system which better ensures we consistently produce products that are safe for consumption.
  3. Actively conduct daily analysis from the fertile eggs to the finished products that have been developed for consumption and ensure products are safe to consume.
  4. Undertake regular testing to ensure hygiene is at its highest levels.
  5. Routinely conduct reviews and tests on our product range to improve taste, respond to growing consumer trends and demands. We continually strive to provide healthier products by using ingredients with lower salt, fat and saturated fat levels where it does not compromise on taste and enjoyment.
  6. Actively conduct laboratory research and development both internally and externally with universities and state government research institutions.

All Steggles chickens are raised in large barns, and free of any added hormones.
Steggles May 23, 2018
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